Variable Data Printing


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Let’s face it—people would rather open their mailbox and see a letter addressed with their name than “To Our Friends at…” More importantly, people are more likely to open and read the piece of mail addressed to them than a generic mailer. In this way, Variable Data Printing is a marketer’s best friend.

Opportunities abound with this very popular mailing option. Variable Data Printing is an automated process that can change the recipient’s name, messaging, and even images of the piece being mailed, allowing it to appeal to different customer profiles like age and hobbies. It can even note an existing customer’s recent purchase or upcoming scheduled appointment.

Using this method in your marketing initiatives allows you to personalize thousands of direct mail pieces, making your message more likely to resound with each recipient. To say it maximizes the relevance of your piece and drives up engagement and responses is an understatement. Call us today to learn how we can use Variable Data Printing to:

•  Increase ROI

•  Increase open and response rates

•  Leverage Personalized URLs and QR codes for better tracking

•  Enhance your connection with the customer

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