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Yes, mobile is certainly worthwhile when executed correctly.  The perception is that mobile messaging is invasive, annoying, and some other negative adjectives.  The truth is that when mobile messaging is non-permission based; it is all those things.   The way in which mobile can greatly enhance any campaign is by developing a 100% Permission based strategy, commonly referred to as “Opt-In”.  With the Opt-In permission given by your customer, you can now begin to collect the names and phone numbers to start building a database of interested potential customers.  Use this database for any future sales, discounts, news, and other info that you may want to relay to your customers.  Engage customers and interested prospects with loyalty and retention based programs and drive more traffic into your business with the mobile channel.  Connect with current customers, generate new ones, and experience an increase in profits!



  • Immediacy – Mobile campaigns are easy to create and message delivery to recipients can be done in seconds.
  • Reach – The number of mobile users is growing at a phenomenal rate.  More than 80% of the population carries their cell phone at all times; More than 52% of them check their phone every 30 minutes or less.
  • High Response – Research shows that mobile marketing receives a response rate of 20% – 70% depending on the campaign.
  • Cost Effective – When targeting current customers with 100% brand recognition this channel of contact is very inexpensive.
  • Engaging – The interactive nature of mobile makes it the most engaging medium.  Polls, voting, surveys etc.
  • Powerful Data – People are opting in (giving permission) for future contacts.   This makes your data very powerful when used properly.
  • Cutting Edge – This technology will continue to evolve; and creativity is your only limitation for you to engage your database.



  • OFFER: first time clientele promotional discounts
  • ALERT:  current customers of new sales and increase return business
  • INCREASE:  brand awareness with seasonal coupons and reminders
  • SHOW:  your customers that you appreciate their loyalty; reminders, birthdays, etc.
  • INSTANTLY:  gain customer feedback and implement surveys that offer rewards
  • CREATE:  customer excitement through contests “Text to WIN”


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