File Repair Service


Pre-Flight Made Simple

File prep and repair is an almost an art form. And while a beautiful final product is always our end goal, one can’t be created without the file being set up correctly. Our pre-press experts will look at your files and if they are not set up properly for print we can do it for you so that you have the best possible printing quality. We can also touch-up file defects and bring them up to the standard your project demands. Let us have a look at your piece and prepare your files for optimum results.


Here’s a closer look at our file prep services:

•  We make sure your artwork extends past the finished size so that the art will be properly cut.

•  We move text and other items away from the edge (the finished size, not the bleed) to ensure that nothing important gets cut off.

•  We adjust your artwork to correctly position it for folding.

•  We will export files from other design programs (.psd, etc.) into print-ready high resolution PDFs.

•  We can change the size of any piece of artwork from the original size to make it the correct size for printing.

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