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Email Marketing

Email marketing is considered one of the most effective ways to spread your content and offers to clients. With 147 million Americans checking email several times per day, it is easily one of the biggest platforms to spread your message. To avoid being marked as spam or deleted before your message has even been read; consider email marketing when you’re looking to communicate to your current customer list, also known as Opt-in email.

Opt-in Email Lists

Opt-in email lists are composed of your customers who have chosen to be sent email offers and notifications. Make sure that your emails always have the option for the recipient to opt-out. Almost every business has a customer list which will likely include emails. If you don’t, we can help you build your list through other marketing avenues. For those with customer information available, Direct Mail Impressions can extract these email addresses and start communicating with your current customers immediately. We create very professional looking and highly customizable email templates to build on your brand.  Every time you deploy an email, your company's same professional look will be received in your customers’ inbox. 

Why do Your Email Marketing with us:

  • Detailed Tracking Reports - Know who opened your email, when they opened it, what they clicked, and much more valuable info!
  • Cost Effective - Emails can be sent for fractions of a penny.
  • Turn Around - Your message can be in your customer's inbox within minutes.

Mobile Advertising

What one product does the majority of the adult and teen population in the US have in common? The cellular phone. Another increasingly popular device used among consumers is the tablet.

Every year, the number of goods and services purchased over mobile devices increases dramatically. If you haven’t considered mobile marketing, now’s the time to catch up!


The Push and Pull of Mobile Marketing

Mobile campaigns are considered either “push” or “pull” initiatives.

Push campaigns consist of SMS messages sent to your list of opt-in customers. You can also use our list of opt-in customers looking for special offers as well. By using Permission Based Text Messaging, you can ask a customer if they’d like special offers from you. Either way, the responses are automated for your marketing and tracking convenience.

Pull campaigns enable customers to seek you out, and opt-in to your marketing communications for special offers. Placing a Call to Action on a piece of literature or website prompting customers to text a certain keyword to your number will sign them up to get updates and offers automatically. Customers eager to know about your upcoming events and deals can also fill out a lead-generation form on your site, also enrolling them to your newsletter or offers feed.

Engage customers with loyalty and retention-based programs and drive traffic into your business with mobile campaigns. Call us today for more information. 

Web site Design and Development

Before a customer decides to drive to your brick and mortar location, they’ll very likely research your products online. Establishing a beautifully designed and functional website will make a great first impression and instill in them a certain trust in your organization.

Our experts know exactly how to create a website that is going to be found by your prospects.

Let us create  a user-friendly site that:

  • Has responsive design – functionality across desktop and mobile platforms
  • Offers consistent branding – Familiarity and acknowledgement are the key to creating connections with customers
  • Drives more traffic – More traffic means higher potential to sell to and retain customers

Don’t let other online merchants poach your sales and customers because you haven’t established a presence in the online space; 83% of North Americans shop online. Developing a healthy online presence reinforces your brand and reaches more consumers than having a brick and mortar location alone.

Take advantage of the creativity and expertise of our designers and programmers who can guide who can guide you through the process of creating not only a functioning website but one that can track your marketing efforts. This will give you invaluable insights into who is visiting your site and how they interact with your content and offers.

Contact us today and get your website analyzed for free!

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