Use a Real Stamp Without the Full Rate

By Tom Sedita Jr.

The use of a postal stamp on your direct mail piece, especially when using an envelope, is a great way to increase your open rate. Many people associate the use of a stamp with a more important piece of mail and are less likely to write it off as “junk mail”. Direct mail houses have access to “pre-cancelled” stamps which look and feel just like full rate stamps but don’t carry the hefty full rate postage amount. Today this amount is 49 cents whereas the use of a “pre-cancelled” stamp will keep you in the bulk rate category which can be, as low as, 15 cents. This is a significance savings at about 34 cents each. With only 1000 pieces you’re talking $340 in postage savings! With the use of “pre-cancelled” stamps you save money while keeping your piece out of the trash pile and that’s a win win. On your next direct mail project ask us about adding a live stamp to your mailing piece.



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