Three Things You Should Try With Your Email Campaign Now

Three Things You Should Try With Your Email Campaign Now

You have a bunch of emails acquired by different means throughout your company’s lifetime.  Some were given over the phone by simply asking for contact information, some from signing up on a physical form during a trade show or a networking event and others from past offers you have well, offered.  Now you are ready to take some time to engage with those people through an email campaign.


Many would simply compile all the emails and send out one email blast to everyone on their list and hope for a response.  With this you may get some responses but the ones who don’t respond because they don’t have any interest in the offer you are sending may quickly get annoyed and tune out your emails or even worse unsubscribe.  So when you get around to offering something that might interest them, they are no longer available to respond to your offer.


Organize Your Email List into Targeted Audiences

Organize your audience based on your customer’s wants and needs. For example:  Our business has customers who do all of their marketing with us, others that only do direct mail and printing, others that only do printing, while others only have their business cards printed with us.


Create Offers that Match Your Targeted Audience Email List 

Your first instinct may be to send the customers who only buy business cards, business card offers but your goal should not only be to sell your customers the same thing they always buy but to cross-sell – introduce them to new products or services that they may also use.  I wouldn’t offer the business card buyers mailing services but I would offer them other printing services such as brochures or offer graphic design services for their business card orders.


Send Relevant Emails in a Timely Matter

This is an interesting one. Companies are tempted to always base their marketing offers off of what they have in surplus or what they would like to offer their clients but by taking the time and researching what your customers want you can send out your emails highlighting  a product at a time when they need it most;  this will compel people to respond to your offer.  Plan most of your emails based off of your targeted audience list needs not yours.


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