The #1 Factor That Turns More Prospects Into Customers Than Anything Else And Nearly All SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS Fail To Work On.

As small business owners we love our business (most days, lol) and feel strongly that our products or services can provide outstanding value to our customers.  The problem is our prospects likely do not know this…yet.  In order to set a prospect on the path of becoming a valuable customer, it’s imperative that your initial contact makes a lasting impression.  An impression that leaves your prospect unwilling to continue going on without your product or service.  An impression that makes your prospect feel your product or solution can solve that nagging problem that they’ve been unable to fix. 


After working with thousands of clients, I have discovered that creating a lasting impressions starts with a professional brand image.  With so much competition out there you have to look the part in order to set your business apart.  An attractive and intriguing brand image opens the door to interacting with a new prospect and learning if what you’re offering is right for them.  I compare it to the dating scene.  When you enter a social event and scan the room you know immediately who you would like to learn more about.


So what does it mean to have a professional brand image?  It starts with anything your prospects will see when they are exposed to your business.  Many times it is your marketing collateral, Items like a business card, website, Internet banner ad, Facebook ad, direct mail postcard, letterhead, envelope, sales package, your logo, and an email signature.  All of these items must portray a sense of professionalism and trust in ordering to create a level of comfort for the prospect.  The difference in the impression you create when you walk into a meeting wearing a company polo, a well branded sales kit, and a solid business card compared to a black and white home printed brochure and business card is obvious.  Position your business correctly and you will never miss out on an opportunity for new business because your presentation was questionable. 


Here are some tips to get started towards a professional brand:


  • Check out your top competitors on a local and national level.  Pay attention to the image they are portraying.  Get a hold of their marketing collateral by visiting their website and signing up for their direct mail and email list.
  • Have a company logo professionally designed.
  • Determine what marketing collateral you are currently using that could use some revamping and which ones you are missing and need to produce.
  • Hire a professional graphic designer, web developer and printer to create and manufacture your marketing collateral. 

To your success!


Tom Sedita Jr

Director of Operations

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