Personalize Your Marketing for Bigger Results

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Are you still using the marketing model one size fits all?

In today’s society of social media, email and the World Wide Web, (When was the last time you heard the internet called that?) people are exposed to ever-greater degrees of advertising and marketing. With this increase people have learned to tune-out much of the marketing they see. So how do we as advertisers and marketers reach the people we want to reach?

The answer is rather simple; we need to take a personalization approach when it comes to whom we market to. According to Usabilla, 56% of customers are more likely to buy with a personalized experience. For example, I am a plus sized clothes wearer. I like nice well-fitted clothes that are made strictly for my size not something made for a size 2 that they size up. I have also gotten to the point in my life or rather come to an age where I feel I should be able to get the clothes that I want in the size that I need. With that said I am more likely to look through emails and even buy from retailers that have personalized my emails with my plus size in mind and I am not alone. 41% of customers interact with ads targeted at their interests compared to random ones.

There are no longer technology limitations and even the smallest of companies have personal data at their fingertips so, we as marketers just need to make the effort and trust me the effort will pay off. Whether it is a direct mail piece that focuses on images that are relevant to the list being sent to, or an email campaign focusing on a specific target audience that have the same specific needs, personalized marketing is important and needed in this day and age.

Interested in a personalized email campaign or and personalized direct mail piece, let Direct Mail Impressions help. Call one of our personalization experts at 561-393-4722 and we will be happy to help.

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