No More Excuses, Build an Email List

The Why

Email marketing has been around for quite some time but some small companies still do not take advantage of its benefits. It is one of the cheapest marketing avenues that can be used with some of the greatest return on investment for recurring business. Email marketing allows you to:

  • Keep your customers informed on your business, new products and offers
  • Keep your company in front of your clients and customers so when they need your product or service they think of you
  • Nurture leads into customers and clients
  • Encourages current clients to make additional purchases


The Numbers

If the above isn’t enough for you to consider building an email list and sending out emails, here are some numbers that might entice you to give it a try:

  • Email marketing yields an average 4,300% return on investment for businesses in the United States. (Direct Marketing Association)
  • Companies using email to nurture leads generate 50% more sales-ready leads and at a 33% lower cost. And nurtured leads, on average, produce a 20% increase in sales opportunities compared to non-nurtured leads. (Hubspot)
  • For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $44.25. (EmailExpert)
  • 70% of people say they always open emails from their favorite companies. (ExactTarget)
  • Over 50% of respondents say they read most of their emails. (HubSpot)


The How

Creating an email list doesn’t have to be time consuming or overly involved. Simply follow these ten quick ways to gather emails to get you off to a great start:

  1. Put an opt-in form on multiple pages of your website
  1. Invite people to be added to your email list on social media
  1. Use a lead magnet (give-away) that requires people to sign-up to your email list in order to receive the give-away
  1. Add an opt-in button on Facebook
  1. Add a sign-up to email marketing section to your invoices, estimates, and receipts
  1. Add an exit pop-up window to your website with a sign-up form
  1. Have a physical sign-up form at tradeshows, cash registers, and networking events for people to fill out
  1. Include a forward to a friend to your emails
  1. Put a fish bowl on your counter and ask for business cards and permissions to send emails
  1. Whenever you talk to a customer or potential client ask them for their email and tell them you would like to add them to your email list


Need help creating an email list or starting an email marketing campaign? Give one of our customer representatives a call at 561-393-4722 and we will be happy to get you started.


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