Mail Intelligence

Remove the Guesswork that comes when mailing incorrectly

Mail Intelligence – The days of addressing a postcard, crossing your fingers hoping the mail is delivered, and then waiting for the phone to ring are over.  Today, we are able to let you know exactly where your mail is, when or if it was delivered and alert you when the mail is hitting the homes.   We take raw scan data from the USPS as mail passes through postal facilities across the nation and turn it into easy-to-read charts, graphs and tables that allow you to know exactly what has been delivered, where, and to whom.  This valuable information can serve as catalysts to other channels of your marketing efforts.


The first step in providing you with this mail intelligence is processing the data and assigning each mail piece a unique Intelligent Mail Barcode.  This Intelligent Mail barcode contains information that identifies the service level, the mail class, the mailer ID, the mail piece, optional special services and delivery point information. It combines the functionality of ACS™, POSTNET™ and PLANET Code® into one multiservice barcode and paves the way for the USPS to offer additional services in the future.


As the mail passes from post office to post office the mail is sorted on machines called MLOCR’s (Multi-Line Optical Character Readers) which read these barcodes and sort the mail based on final destination.  As the mail pieces pass on the machine the data is collected, stored, and relayed to mail providers like us at Direct Mail Impressions.  We are then able to provide you with some valuable insights.


There are a variety of reports that we can supply you but some of the most common are:

  • Job Scans by SCF – This report shows you the number and date of the first scans (processing scans) by each respective SCF and then each corresponding delivery scan and delivery in-home date.
  • Job Scan Summary by Day – This report sorts the  number of the first scans and delivery scan cumulatively by date.
  • Delivery Scans by Date – Whether graphically or in a spreadsheet format, this shows the projected In-Home dates of mail pieces by date.  It shows the elapsed delivery days and a cumulative scanned quantity.
  • Delivery Scan Map  – This graphic shows each state and their corresponding % delivered.


These are only a small variety of the reports we can provide to you.   Some of the benefits include:

  • Know when to expect a response and plan accordingly
  • Identify mail delivery patterns and problems early enough to be proactive
  • Test a variety of delivery options
  • Analyze response rates variance by day of delivery
  • Analyze response rates by geographical area(3 digit, 5 digit, SCF, NDC, or state)
  • Use a percentage of delivered mail pieces to serve as a trigger for additional channels such as e-mail, mobile, etc.


If you are interested in learning more about these and other tracking reports that we can provide for you simply call 561-393-4722.


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