Fun Design Trends for 2016

I remember back several years ago when I first encountered the flat, long, scrolling websites. I was introduced to them while surfing innovative design and marketing websites. And I ate them up. I loved the large hero banners and the lack of shadows, textures and stylized buttons. I was also in awe with the background videos,“what, video playing behind the call-to-action and learn more buttons?!”  I was hooked by the larger font sizes it afforded, and the white space it allowed. I liked the idea of designing each little, well, not so little container, of information and leading the viewer down an almost storylike path to the bottom of the page. I liked the freedom a minimalistic approach offered.


Unfortunately I couldn’t convince my employee at the time that this was something we should do. He wanted boxed in information and a colored background behind that. He wanted dimensional buttons and insisted that all of the important information needed to be above the fold. I sighed and conformed to the smaller text and images and thought, one day…


Today, I have many of those beautiful scrolling minimalistic flat websites under my belt and thank goodness for me, that design style seems to be a lasting trend. They are so popular that 9 out of 10 (fake numbers but you get my point) WordPress template designs are the scrolling, muted colored, big photos and big text sites I loved so much. And though I still love them, I find myself trying to create uniqueness in them while keeping a close eye out for the next big trend to WOW my socks off.


With that said here are some of the trends I think will catch on for 2016 in the world of design.



Color will go from muted to bright and bold. Even the pastels will be brighter and more full. Color will be used as a stronger element than in the past, holding its own place in a design, in an in-your-face sort of way. Three words when it comes to color “Remember the eighties!”


Logo Design

Logo design will go in two different distinct directions. One is flat and modern and uses negative space like never before and the other is hand drawn with a look of an organic, authentic craftsmanship and homemade.



It will make a statement whether hand drawn or retro. With more variety of fonts being available on the web, look to see some dramatic font styling that we in the past reserved for print design. In print, typography will go hand in hand with color, bold bright and strongly represented.



You won’t see the end of stock photography but you will see more and more, companies choosing to take and use their own photography to create a more authentic feel to their brands. Also look to see more and more custom illustrations and icons. I look forward to seeing how both of these trends pan out considering my background in photography and my love of creating non-template custom illustrated infographics.


Web Design

Several years ago Google created material design, a design guide to synthesize the classic principles of good design with the innovation and possibility of technology and science. (Source: In 2016 this design guide will pick up steam and will refresh flat design with a bit of dimension and realistic lighting, shadows and movement.


Like I said earlier I love flat design and its use with the bigger than life scrolling websites; it’s a win, win for me. You can’t hide your flaws behind textures, gradient, shadows or stylized buttons in flat design. With that said I am interested in the idea of adding a bit of dimension if for no other reason than to make the user experience from desktop to tablet, to mobile, more seamless and consistent. And for designers like my husband who found it much more difficult to give up their precious drop shadows, they should find much needed solace in material design.


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