Five Free (or Almost Free) Ways to Engage Your Audience

Add Surveys or Polls

Polls or surveys are easy ways to learn more about your customers and clients, as well as, encourage interaction.  Make it as easy as possible for your audience to answer questions.  Make it enticing by including compelling images or incentives so that they will be willing to take the time out of their schedule to respond.  Have a plan of action and ask questions that will give you real insight on your audience.  Post on your social media sites, your website and/or email to your customer base to get a quick response.


Ask an Opened Ended Question After Your Blog Posts

People love to add their own input on a topic.  Openly inviting them to do this will encourage more feedback.  If you also write in a friendly, warm voice, people won’t be able to resist adding to the conversation.   Ending with an opened ended question will also allow you to get insight on your customer or client’s frame of mind and attitude towards your company.


Don’t Limit Posting to Social Media to 9-5, Monday through Friday

People are on social media 24/7 so you shouldn’t limit your social media to 9-5 on business days.  Check your activity regularly throughout the day, and use social media mobile apps to stay active during the times you are not on your PC.  Another way to keep timely with you audience is to schedule posts to automatically be posted during off hours.


Use and Write Good Meta Descriptions

A meta description is an HTML and XHTML element that describes your page to search engines.  Though Google, Yahoo and Bing no longer use them as ranking signal, they are still useful for audience engagement.  They sometimes show up as a description of your page on search engines rather than the first part of your article or blog, so you can use it as an opportunity to entice your audience to click and read. They are also often used as a default description on social media which will allow you to control the first discussion you have with your customer.


Respond to Comments in a Timely Manner

When people leave comments, post something on your social media sites, or take the time to email your organization, make sure to respond back to them quickly or it could be a missed opportunity and can even negatively affect your business.  It looks bad to that customer and even to other customers just viewing the comment or post if you do not bother to respond in a timely fashion.

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