Every Door Direct Mail- Who Should Use it and Who Should Not

Every door direct mail (EDDM) is the USPS’s latest mail program that is designed to simplify direct mail marketing so the average professional can process their own mailing.  With a little bit of time and effort you can send your own mailing and take advantage of the deeply discounted postage rates the USPS offers.  There are great savings to be had, but you must remember that you are not mailing to save money you are mailing to generate new business.  Therefore you must ask yourself, is every door direct mail the right medium for your business.  Below I will discuss every door direct mail and who can benefit most from it and who should look to use a professional direct mail marketer.


There are two components about every door direct mail that must be considered when determining if EDDM is a good fit for your organization.  First is the fact that every door direct mail does exactly what its name indicates: it goes to every address in the neighborhood or targeted area.  There is no way to target specific demographics like gender, income level, or presence of children.  You must mail to the entire postal carrier’s route which can be anywhere from 400-800 stops and include both businesses, as well as homes.

The second component to consider is that names are not used on the direct mail piece.  A generic line like “Postal Customer” or “Residential Customer” is used instead. It’s important to include the name if you’re a annuity planner but not so important if you’re a local dry cleaner.

Businesses That Would Benefit From Every Door Direct Mail

Businesses or professionals who serve an entire community and appeal to the masses can typically use EDDM effectively.  For instance, the local pizza business can sell pizza to everyone in the area.  They do not have to target a special group of people because most people love pizza.


Here is a list of companies that every door direct mail can work well for:

Carpet Cleaning

Real Estate

Air Conditioning

Home Remodeling

Handyman Services



Dry Cleaners

Salons and Spas


Pest Control


Lawn Care

Businesses Who Would Not Benefit From Every Door Direct Mail

Some businesses have a specific group of customers that have very specific traits.  The company provides a product or service that is very specific to this group and it’s not likely that individuals without these traits will ever become a customer.  One example would be a financial advisor.  Financial advisors are typically looking for individuals with a certain level of income, as well as assets.  Mailing to entire neighborhoods may not yield the best results because everyone can be in different financial situations.  A financial advisor could target wealthier neighborhoods but just because they have a nice house doesn’t mean they are not cash strapped.  Your money would be better spent in purchasing a list with individuals you know have the means to utilize financial advising services.


Below is a list of companies who should consider targeted direct mail instead of every door direct mail:

Financial Advisors

Summer Camps

Specialized Dentistry

IT Services

Pool Repair

Day Care Services

Life Insurance

Car Dealerships

Mortgage Brokers

Debt Settlement

Annuity Planners

College Planners

Travel Agents

Every door direct mail is a great program if you’re using it the right way.  If you would like more information about EDDM the post office provides some great information here.  It also has a quick reference guide available here which is great if you’re looking for specifics on processing an every door direct mail.  If you would like to discuss your business and receive our recommendation about utilizing this service then call us at 561-393-4722.

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