Direct Mail Copy That Will Get You a Great ROI

Direct Mail Copy That Will Get You a Great ROI

Have you ever read a direct mail piece and it was so cluttered with facts and features about a product or service that you weren’t able to figure out what to do with it.  You probably didn’t try to decipher the message and instead tossed it into the trash can without a second glance.

Direct mail copy has one goal, to get the reader to act on what you want them to do.  Your copy should be written to get the recipient to follow your call to action whether it is for them to call you, run to your store with your coupon, or order something online.


Make your direct mail copy easy to read

The copy on your direct mail piece is not the time to show off your extensive vocabulary or see how long you can make a sentence without it being a run-on.  Your copy should be easy to read and scan.  Try to keep your paragraphs short or better yet, use bullet points so the reader can quickly scan over the main benefits.


Make it Interesting

Your copy and especially your headline should be vivid and grab the attention of your reader and lead them down the path you want them to go by piquing their interest and honing in on some of their base needs or even insecurities.

Some base needs and insecurities your readers may have that you can hone in on are as follows:

Control: “Take Control of Your Finances…”

Fear: “Never Go Without ______ Again…”(enter the solution your product or service offers in the blank space)

Guilt: “For Only 10 Cents a Day You Can Help A Homeless Puppy Find a Home…”

Convenience: “Never Sit Through a Television Ad Again…”

A Negative: “Don’t Fall Into The Trap of Over Spending …”


Use Engaging Words

Certain words sell better than others, incorporate some of these words that are proven to sell they include:

and Solution.


Be Persuasive

You would think this is a given, however many people don’t use persuasive copy in direct mail pieces.  I said earlier that the goal of the copy is to get the reader to act and the best way to do this is through persuasion.  You should persuade your reader to why they should act, read more, or order now.


Know Your Audience

Writing to the person who will be reading it takes some research on your audience.  What do they like and what would persuade them to act now.  Make it all about them and not about you.  Don’t focus on your features, your business, or your objectives but what your features, business and objectives can do for them.


Try a technique

Techniques can be anything from writing a story to engage your reader, having an angle like sharing a secret  “The secrets to making six figures with online shopping”, or building up intrigue for your product.

The key in any technique you use is keeping the reader engaged and reading more in order to act on your call to action.


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Have additional suggestion of ways to engage your reader through your direct mail copy and would like to share them please comment below.

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