Developing a Brand Promise

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Have you ever wondered what exactly is a brand promise?  Basically it is the essence and tone of your company.  A brand promise is something that a company promises to the people who it does business with or comes in contact with. Companies that deliver on their brand promises create real brand value and have “real” loyal customers that come back over and over again.


Your brand promise should:

–       convey a compelling benefit

–       be authentic, credible, and true

–       should be unique to your organization

–       be kept by the business all the time, every time


Your brand promise shouldn’t be:

–       a generalization

–       an all about you statement

–       a bunch of fluff with no substance

–       something you can’t deliver on

–       something that you don’t believe in


Most importantly your brand promise should be thought out and not just be something that sounds good, because it will be something that your customers will judge and rely on.


If you need help developing your brand promise or other aspects of your brand, we can help.  Just call one of our friendly brand managers at 561-393-4722.

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