4 Direct Mail Pieces that Get Opened and Read

4 ways to get your mailing open

I love getting interesting things in the mail, who doesn’t. I am attracted to the bright and shiny, bold colors and unusual shapes and sizes that grace the mailbox on a daily basis. I can’t help myself from taking a closer look at an oversized, well-designed postcard or a shiny catalog from a company a bit out of my price range. I look at these things and am even tempted to make a purchase…and I am not alone.


A recent Direct Mail Information Service report highlights that over three quarters of direct mail is opened by the recipients whilst 63% read the contents.  Source: CMO Council


Below are five ways to tempt your direct mail reader to read, open, and buy what you are selling.


Sending Samples

Sending samples is always a great way to get potential customers to take a chance and try your product without making any effort beyond opening a package. It also makes the mail automatically more valuable and worth taking a closer look.


USPS offers a program called Sample Showcase that allows you to send trial-sized samples to either targeted households or every door in a market area without the need for outer packaging. Along with the sample, why not include additional promotional information to seal the deal.


Shaped Mailer

When you get mail, for the most part, whether it is a postcard, letter, or magazine, it is in the shape of some sort of rectangle. Why not mix it up with an unusually shaped mail piece using a die-cut or use some sort of three-dimensional shape or box, and your direct mail piece will get looked at.


Welcome to the Neighborhood

Do you remember the last time you moved? It can be an overwhelming experience and trying to figure out where the closest barber, pizza shop, or mani/pedi salon is can put you over the edge. As a local business owner using this time to send a friendly letter, postcard or brochure introducing yourself and what you are offering is a great way to make an overwhelmed, newly relocated person feel more in-tuned to their local area. It will make them more likely to explore their new local business scene and stop by your business.


Special Invitation

Everyone loves to feel like they are special and that they are getting something no one else is getting. Why not send a personalized invitation to someone offering a brand new product or service. This will let your customer or even a potential customer know that you care about them, and the special attention could be exactly what they need to make a purchase.


Interested in getting your direct mail piece open, read, and acted upon? Give one of our direct mail specialists a call at 561-393-4722 and they will be happy to help.

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