15 Ways to Get Your Direct Mail Piece Open

When using direct mail you only have a few precious moments (approximately 2.3 seconds) to get your piece noticed.  It may seem like a short amount of time but it is enough if you use some creative ways to attract and pique your viewers’ curiosity.   Below are 15 ideas to get your direct mail piece in the read pile and not the trash heap.

  1. Try a bulky or crinkly envelope
  2. Add a little yellow note with a call to action on the front of your direct mail piece
  3. Add a product sample
  4. Use a die cut mail piece in an unique shape
  5. Use an unusual envelope like a gold foil or an urgent envelope
  6. Personalize your mail piece with the viewer’s name and information unique to them
  7. Include something useful like a note pad or magnet. Something that people will keep around
  8. Use a real stamp
  9. Hand address your envelope or use a handwritten font
  10. Use first class not bulk mail
  11. Use a commemorative stamp
  12. Put your stamp on crooked or upside down
  13. Use an unusual material such as plastic or a thick paper stock
  14. Arouse curiosity by adding a teaser to the envelope
  15. Use an invitation style envelope

Use two or three of the above ideas at a time to get your direct mail piece opened.  If you need other suggestions for your next direct mail piece give us a call at 561-393-4722 and one of our direct mail experts will be happy to help.

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