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Why Direct Mail Marketing

Today there are many options to market your business that can lead to growth and great success. For over 100 years, businesses large and small have effectively used direct mail to deploy their messaging and build their business. Here are a few reasons why direct mail will work for you:

It’s Proven

Direct mail has been in use since 1872. Nearly every Fortune 500 company includes direct mail in their marketing strategy. This includes Google, one of the largest proponents of online advertising!

It’s Measurable

You can account for every bit of business that results from marketing through direct mail. Measuring your results allows you to consistently improve upon your marketing because you now know what works and what doesn’t.

It’s Targeted

Target the EXACT group of prospects who are most likely to respond to your product or service. When you choose the right target market your message will be relevant, and that will lead to great success.

It’s the Foundation

Direct mail compliments any of your marketing efforts unlike any other marketing medium. Imagine your future customer driving by your billboard ad to later arrive home to your direct mail piece. How about a postcard driving its recipient to your website who then signs up to your email list? Direct mail provides that “spark” which leads to acquiring new clients and growing your business.

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