With Integrated Marketing, the Old Meets New


There is no better way to reach new prospects than the time tested staple of direct marketing, direct mail.  However, with the development of the internet and mobile technologies there is no quicker and cost effective way to communicate with your customers and prospects that you have a relationship with than through email.  But how do you join the two to create a powerful and effective marketing effort?  The answer is by using landing pages.  Direct mail, landing pages and email marketing used in a strong well thought out marketing campaign is a win win win combination for today’s marketers.


The Hook, the Direct Mail Piece

When using direct mail in an integrated marketing campaign the goal of the piece is the target prospects that would be interested in your product or service but who you do not already have a relationship with.  The piece has one basic goal, to drive prospect to your landing page by any means necessary.   You don’t have to try and sell you product or service on the direct mail piece.  You want to give enough information and encouragement to get them to pick up their mobile phone or go to their computer and type in the URL on the piece and that is it.


The Heavy Lifter, the Landing Page

The landing page is the work horse of an integrated marketing campaign.  They are usually one page with little or no links to distract the viewer.  This way you can communicate with the viewer in detail and fine tune your message for the specific campaign you have. Add a video or motion graphic on the landing page for better success.

On your landing page you have one of two key objectives, either to close the sale or persuade your prospect to go to the next level in the sells funnel.   In additional to the key objective, a must have on your landing page is a form to collect additional information and at minimum an email address in order to continue the conversation.


The Jack of Many Trades, the Email

Once you have collected an email from your prospect or new customer using a landing page, you can continue to market to them through email.  Send the prospects who didn’t complete the sales funnel an email giving them additional incentives to buy your product or service. For the people who pressed the button and bought your product or service send them an email thanking them for the purchase along with additional offers or information on the thing they just purchased.

In addition, you are also building a clean opt-in email list.  You can send this list promotional offers, blog post announcements, newsletters, or ads to build brand awareness and trust.

Direct mail, landing pages, and emails are useful to create a successful marketing campaign that can keep on giving.  Not only do they work well together but also during each step of the process, your campaign can be tracked, tested and revised.

If you are interested in an integrated marketing campaign using direct mail, landing pages, and emails give us a call at 561-393-4722 and we will be happy to walk you through the process. 

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