What Marketing Should Be Tracked

What Marketing Should Be Tracked

The simplest answer is that you should track any of your marketing efforts which contain a call to action.  If you’re asking prospects to take an action then you should be measuring whether or not that action has been taken.

It is important that each marketing effort have a unique tracking system in place.  You could have a magazine ad, a direct mail postcard, and an AdWords campaign all going simultaneously, but do they all have a different tracking number, link, or promo code?  This will make it very easy to distinguish what your prospects are responding to.

Now that you’re tracking all of your different marketing campaigns, what information should you measure?  This depends on the method of tracking that you are using.  When using phone tracking you want to record the number of calls, how many calls were converted into new customers, the duration of the call, and on average how many days after your message was received did the responses start.  When using a web address you will want to look at the number of visitors to your URL, what links they clicked on, did they fill out any forms?, as well as how long they stayed on the page.

Use this tracking data to learn from each and every marketing effort you deploy.  Call DMI today and ask us about setting up and managing all of your tracking today.  561-393-4722 

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