What is Direct Marketing?


Direct marketing is a targeted advertising that allows you to correspond directly to the recipient with the goal of initiating a specific action.  Some of the actions being sought after could be placing an order, visiting a web page, making a phone call, liking a social media page, or a requesting further info.  Success or failure is directly measured by the number of actions that take place.  Direct marketing can be successfully utilized through many advertising mediums and has been in practice since 1872. 


Direct Marketing vs Branding

Typically people decide to market their organization with one or two goals in mind.  One is to directly create new sales (direct marketing) and the other is to build their brand (brand marketing).  Both serve a purpose and I believe do work together.  While direct marketing is looking to make an immediate conversion, brand marketing is assisting the customer in introducing your business and its purpose.  Brand marketing may also be used for reputation management and community engagement, which are both very important.  Brand marketing helps familiarize your organization with the recipient so when they are targeted with a direct marketing campaign, they are more likely to convert.  The major drawback of brand marketing is there are no hard numbers to calculate an ROI on the money you are spending.  Therefore, brand marketing done all on its own is not recommended.  On the other hand direct marketing is highly measurable and therefore calculating your ROI is easy.  After every marketing effort the numbers will directly tell you if you brought in more money than you spent or not.  I believe a mix of 75%-90% direct marketing and 10%-25% branding is a way to keep your marketing diversified and effective.


Where is Direct Marketing Used?

The use of direct marketing can be seen in just about any marketing medium available.  The most popular traditional medium is direct mail marketing.  With this strategy you are communicating directly with a precise audience that is most likely to need your product and service and calling on them to take a specific action.  Historically the most popular direct mail call to action has been a phone call but it’s becoming more popular to direct the recipient to a landing page.

Another medium you will see direct marketing in use is social media.  This may surprise some people because social media is thought to be difficult to measure or convert direct sales but this is not true.  There are many opportunities and techniques with social media platforms to convert prospects to leads and eventually customers.

Direct marketing is a tried and proven method and is still evolving to continue its effectiveness through new mediums.  If you need help with creating and executing your next direct marketing campaign whether it’s through direct mail or social media, give Direct Mail Impressions a call at 561-393-4722.

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