Tracking: It’s the Beginning of the Campaign


The first mailing when sent out is based on assumptions.  You assume you have a compelling offer, a strong call to action, timing is correct and you are targeting the correct list.   Now, when the phone starts ringing many think that’s the end of the campaign, I say it’s just the beginning.


The direct mail industry often preaches repetition.   We at Direct Mail Impressions will not repeat a mailing without first analyzing the results of previous campaigns to make improvements that will increase your ROI.


We verify the Intelligent Mail Barcode (IMB) tracking reports to see when the mail hit the mail processing and distribution facility in the area you are mailing to.  We also confirm the IMB tracking report for in-home delivery confirmation.  This can also serve as a trigger for an email deployment for those using the multi-channel approach.


Next, where applicable we verify landing page results.  How many prospects visited the page and completed the form?  How many visited the page and left before giving the requested information?


We will also verify the number of calls from our assigned tracking number.  How many calls were generated?  How long was the average call?  Is there a geographic correlation between received calls?


We then work with each client to determine the number of conversions directly tied to the campaign.  We assist with online follow-up to convert those who showed “passive” interest.  All of these numbers are dissected to see where potential process enhancements are.  For example, we will check the socio-demographic profile of a profitable responder.  This will result in a more refined list for the next mailing and higher response rates.


A successful campaign should see a gradual increase in response rates before a sustainable plateau is realized.   This plateau becomes your predictable response rate which savvy marketers are continually seeking.  At Direct Mail Impressions we can help you reach your plateau with our basic tracking package.

For the month of June only we are offering our Basic Tracking Package which includes
phone tracking, as well as mail tracking, 

for only $29.00


We do everything from setting up the number(s), managing the number(s), and providing the detailed reports to you.  This offer is only good until the end of June so ask your CSR to add tracking to your direct mail campaign today by calling 561-393-4722.

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