Ten Things That Are Great About Direct Mail Personalization!

Personalization Postcard
  1. You can call a person by name – Who doesn’t prefer hearing their name rather than “Hey You!”
  2. Personalization allows for a personal connection – It infers that you know the reader.
  3. Personalization grabs the attention of the reader – It is as if you are communicating to them alone, and not just one person out of many.
  4. Personalization is data driven – If you have the information you can use it.
  5. You can tailor your message to the individual – Do some of your viewers prefer one thing and some another; well now you can personalize your direct mail piece to the individual.
  6. You can provide past orders, products or services you think they might like and other personal information – Who doesn’t like to know that someone has done their research on them.
  7. Variable data printing can be used to personalize each and every piece so every piece is distinctly different in terms of name, photography, color and copy.
  8. You can use personalized QR codes or personalized websites (Purls) to send readers to personalized landing pages – Now that is personalization to the max.
  9. Personalized direct mail has a more powerful presence than a personalized email – Simply because it takes more effort and people can see it!
  10. Personalization can increase your response rate from 2% to 6% – A 300% increase in response!

Interested in incorporating personalization into your direct mail piece, simply give one of our direct mail experts a call at 561-393-4722 and they will be happy to help you get started.

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