Before You Send Out Any Email Marketing Look At This First


We have all done it. We get so focused on one or two aspects of a project and can’t see the forest for the trees or even forget that the forest is made up of trees all together. Below you will find a quick check list of basic email best practices which you can use before you send out any email blast, newsletter, or article.

1. Are you using a permission based mailing list?

2. Are you taking the time to write a clickable subject line?

3. Do you have any grammatical errors?

4. Are you making it as-easy-as-possible for your reader to respond to your call to action?

5. Are you making it easy for your reader to respond to you? In other words, did you make sure your call to action is clear and easily visible?

6. Do you have a good text to graphic ratio?

7. Do you have a way for your reader to like, share, or go to your website?

8. Did you test your email before you sent it out?

9. Did you check your email in different email systems and on different devices?

10. Do you have a clear and easy to use opt-out method? (CAN-SPAM ACT Compliant)

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