Direct Mail: The Foundation


We all understand the benefits of direct mail (It’s proven, measurable, personal, targeted, etc.) but we say it’s much more than that.  We say it’s the very foundation of your marketing, and if it’s not then perhaps you should revisit your marketing strategy.

At first glance this statement may appear too bold but let’s delve deeper and see how direct mail integrates with your key marketing mediums.

One barrier that we must overcome is the need to independently evaluate the success or failure of each medium rather than evaluate the success or failure of your marketing campaign as a whole. The Rule of Seven is an old marketing adage, it says that a prospect needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action and buys from you.  Many use the last contact point as the medium which drove the sale when in fact it was the repetition of the message across several sources at various times which ignited the response.

The simple Rule of Seven is compelling but let’s take a look at how direct mail specifically integrates with other marketing channels:


Print Advertising (i.e. Magazines, newspapers, regional periodicals)

Direct mail enables you to target specific consumer groups with attributes likely to respond to your offer.  Print advertising lets you cast a wider net with broader selections and interests.  When you sift the print advertising responders you may gleam powerful insights that can be used to enhance your next mailing list and thus increase the effectiveness of your overall direct mail marketing campaign. Applying the Rule of Seven, a prospect may read your print ad and then receive your mailer at their house (or vice versa) increasing the likelihood of response.  Either way the subconscious perception is that you must be a large company with a large marketing budget and this breeds confidence.  Multiple contacts, position you in a better proximity to conversions.


The most effective combination is when you are able to target a prospect or customer by mail and e-mail. Once again the multiple contact points over multiple channels is really effective.  One example of an effective use of this combo is; sending a mailer to a recipient, track and monitor responders.  Then, at a later date e-mailing those who have not responded as a reminder to “ACT”.  This step can be repeated to maximize response and conversion rates.  This one two combo allows the consumers to receive your message in their preferred method of reception – physical post card vs. the computer\mobile message.

Social Media\Website

We all know the benefits and perils of social media but how does direct mail enhance your social presence.  I could fall back on our reliable Rule of Seven which is correct but there is an even better correlation.  When a responder is looking for you, on social sites or on search engines they will find you, (engagement is another story for another time).   What about those consumers who do not know you exist, or do not know that you fill a need or want they may have?  A targeted direct mail piece with a compelling offer and message will drive consumers not familiar with your brand to the internet where they will check out your website, social presence, etc.  Direct mail is the foundation which can drive new consumers and ultimately new “actions” (likes, forwards, shares, comments, views, etc.) to your social and websites.


Imagine your future customer driving by your billboard ad to later arrive home to see your direct mail piece in the mailbox. How about a postcard driving its recipient to your website who then signs up to your email list? Direct mail provides that “spark” which leads to acquiring new clients and growing your business.

Need more convincing, give us a call at 561-393-4722 and our direct mail experts will be happy to speak to you about ways of combining direct mail with you other marketing endeavors.

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