Direct Mail Marketing Predictions for 2015


I know I am a bit late in the prediction game for 2015 but if you know anything about direct mail, the end of the year is one of our busiest times with holiday sales events, seasonal cards and promotions, and customers trying to get a jump start on the new year.  In other words we have been busy, busy, busy and I am just now able to take a deep breath.

Direct mail has been around a long time and has stood the test of time as a proven marketing tool.  Part of the reason direct mail has remained relevant is its ability to evolve and progress over time.


Below are five predictions and/or trends for Direct Mail in 2015.


Integrated Marketing Will Become the Norm

I have seen many larger companies along with many forward-thinking ones who have used integrated marketing for years and I believe small and midsize companies will begin to see the relevance of incorporating this technique into their marketing strategies. This will allow even the smallest companies to improve brand recognition and improve marketing ROI with increased visibility to their target audience.


Personalizing and Humanizing in Content

There has been a trend in content marketing and even social media to humanize corporations through their copy and I believe this trend will be in the fore-front of direct mail in 2015.  Direct mail pieces will like never before speak to the customer, in a highly targeted and personal way.


Analytic Sophistication and Effective Use of the Results

Gone are the days when a client would send out the same postcard each month for a year never changing anything or using a completely new piece each and every month.  With the use of analytics, postcards and other direct mail pieces will be tested, adjusted and fine-tuned like online marketing for an increased ROI.


Smaller Businesses Begin to Use Big Data to Fine-tune Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns and Even Content

We have heard a lot about Big Data in digital marketing and I believe there will be an increased usage of the information gained through common and multiple uncommon resources in direct mail.  Information gathering and interpretation has become easier and more cost effective, that not only large businesses, but smaller companies are capitalizing on the information age.


Greater Personalization

With more access to more information there is going to be an increased personalization of copy, images, and even colors on direct mail pieces using variable printing. This will become more of the norm not a luxury.  Direct Mailers will not only change copy but also imagery and color schemes to strengthen the impression imposed on the recipient.

What do you think?  Do you have additional predictions about direct mail in 2015? Please share below.  If you are interested in implementing some of these predictions in your marketing but don’t know how, give us a call at 561-393-4722 and we will be happy to help.

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