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It happened about a little over a year ago, Facebook changed and made it more difficult for businesses to reach people organically with overly promotional posts. If you want to have your promotional posts seen you are going to have to pay for it from now on. I personally don’t have a problem with this but many companies have spent years building up their fan base for the sole purpose of having a larger and larger organic reach. And though I believe the work they have done to get a larger following was not in vein and that there are many positives to having a large fan base, this isn’t the article for that discussion.

With the over 1.3 billion people using Facebook, Facebook ads can be highly profitable. There are many ways to advertise on Facebook from promoting a post to creating an ad in Ad Manager or Power Editor. However, what I find most beneficial with Facebook advertising are the many ways you can target your audience. There is no other place that people are so free and willing to give up their personal information than on Facebook. You can target where people live, their age, and marital status to even more specific things like what books they are interested in and their hobbies. With Facebook ads you have access to a lot of information to make a targeted audience who are more likely to buy what you are selling and this is a good thing.

You can start targeting your audience by selecting everyone on Facebook, people connected to your page or a custom audience that will allow you to select different demographics, behavior and areas of interest. You can even upload your customer list and create a look-alike audience from it for Facebook.


Different Ways to Advertise on Facebook:


Boosting Your Post:

Boosting your post is the most general and the easiest way to advertise on Facebook. I don’t recommend advertising this way because of the limitations.
How to do it:

  • Click the boost button on the post you would like to boost and then choose your audience.
  • Your audience options are limited. You can either choose people who like your page, people who like your page and their friends, or people your choose through targeting.
  • If you select people through targeting you can select an audience you already created in ad manager, or create a new audience. If you choose to create an audience you will be limited to location, age, gender, and 4-10 interests.
  • Once you select your audience you can select your budget and the duration the ad will run and finally your payment method.
  • This can all be done on a pop-up on your news feed or home page.


Creating an Ad Using Ad Manager

You can create an ad in two different places in Facebook: in Ad Manager and in Power Editor. Use the Ad Manager if you are just getting started in the wonderful world of Facebook ads.
How to do it:

  • Go to Ad Manager by clicking the promote page on the top right of your business page. And select the go to Ad Manager at the bottom of the drop down.
  • Once in the Ad Manager select “Create an Ad” on the left hand navigation and choose your objectives for the campaign.
  • Once you select your objective you will either create your ad or create your audience you would like to reach with your ad.
  • When creating an audience you can upload a customer list and use that list or create a look-a-like audience. You can also create an audience by selecting different options such as location, age, gender, languages, interests, behaviors and connections.
  • Once you select your audience target options you can select how much you want to spend. Your options here are to choose a daily spend or a lifetime spend. You can select how long you would like your ad to run and how it should be optimized. (This will depend on the objective you selected.)
  • The next step is to create your ad. You can choose a single image ad and choose up to six single images that will rotate within the campaign. After your campaign starts, you can monitor how audiences respond to the different images you selected for your ad. You can also use up to five images, per ad at no additional cost, to create a carousel ad or use a video.
  • Once you choose your images you can create a headline of up to 25 characters, descriptive text of up to 90 characters, news feed link description of up to 200 characters and select a call to action button.
  • Once you complete the creation of the ad you can review and place the ad. Facebook will then approve or not approve your ad. This can take up to 30 minutes.

It is important to keep track of your ads and tweak audience options, message, and creative to see what works best for your prospects and potential customers. If you need help creating a Facebook ad campaign just call one of our direct marketing experts at 561-393-4722 and we would be glad to help.

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