A Look at Paid Online Advertising Part 2


Last week I discussed Google AdWords, how they work and the pro and cons of using them. This week I would like to give you a bit of insight on LinkedIn advertising.
I am a big fan of LinkedIn and what it is accomplishing for networking professionals. I have joined several graphic design and marketing groups, I keep my personal and company pages up-to-date and relevant, I post articles weekly on LinkedIn and I take advantage of the Pulse articles on a regular basis. I am excited for LinkedIn advertising opportunities especially since most of Direct Mail Impressions’ business is through B2B.
If you are a B2B company, you would be ill advised if you don’t take advantage of what LinkedIn has to offer for B2B marketing and advertising. LinkedIn has over 364 million members and is the world’s largest audience of active professionals.

Targeting Your Audience

Because its core is a professional networking site, LinkedIn offers a long laundry list of targeting options from location, specific companies, job titles, and schooling, to field of study at school, degree, skills, groups they are interested in, gender and age. This is very unique to LinkedIn.

Budget Options on LinkedIn

You have two options when it comes to paying for your ad. You can pay either by cost per click (CPC) and select a maximum bid, or pay every time they show your ad – cost per 1,000 impressions. The CPC option has a minimum of $2 and your daily budget must be at least $10 on an ad campaign. This makes LinkedIn potentially higher than both Google AdWords and Facebook.

Additional Options

You can also display up to four ad messages in one campaign. This allows you to try multiple media formats to catch your viewer’s eye. You can also offer different things like a discount on one, offer an ebook on another or show a video in another showcasing your products and services.
Though LinkedIn advertising is somewhat more expensive than Google AdWords and Facebook Ads it may be well worth the cost if you are a B2B company because there is no other platform that is able to target specific business user.
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