The Power of the Sales Letter


Sales letters have the power to connect with your target audience and generate new sales beyond your imagination.  Maybe you have always known this, but have not got around to trying one.  Or if you did try it out you didn’t quite know how, or hired the wrong marketing company.  There are reasons why sales letters work and there is a proper way to go about using this powerful marketing tool.  Let’s start with the why.

Why is it powerful

Grabbing the attention of your audience has always been key to guiding your target to take action.  Grabbing their attention in today’s world has become increasingly challenging because people’s attention spans have steadily decreased over the last decade.  According to a January 1, 2014 study performed by National Center for Biotechnology Information, U.S. National Library of Medicine, the average attention span has decreased from 12 seconds in 2000 to 8 seconds in 2013.  This is contributed mostly to how connected people are to everything via the internet.  That being said people still have a strong connection to print and other tangible media they can hold and see.  There are many case studies that prove this, as well as show that people will dedicate time to looking at these physical mediums.  With this on your side a letter becomes a powerful tool because of this devoted attention.  When someone has a letter in their hand there are no other bells and whistles going off that can distract the reader.  A well written letter will have the reader’s undivided attention and that is a powerful thing to have.

With their undivided attention, you must now figure out how to keep it.  The good thing is you know who you’re writing to, and this leads me to the next reason that a sales letter is so powerful.


Its Targeted.

If you have done your due diligence and spent the time figuring out who your target audience is, you should have some good knowledge about these individuals.  The saying still stands, “knowledge is power.”  The important thing here is to be personal and use what you know about who you’re writing to in order to connect with them.  Resonate with them.  Make them nod their head as they read your letter because what you’re saying is exactly what they believe or do or need.  Once you connect in this manner it’s much easier to get them to take the action you would like and now your letter has done its job.

How to write one that works

So you can see why sales letters are powerful but how can you successfully create one?  First off there are hundreds of links available with tips and tricks you can find with a simple Google search.  My recommendation though, is spend the time Googling  a professional direct response copywriter with a proven track record of successful sales copy and contract them.  You have a business to run and more responsibilities then you can count with two hands, why become a copy writer too?  This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be armed with the knowledge of how a good sales letter should be written so read through this list and make sure these components are present whether you write the letter or contract a professional to do so.

  • Use a conversational writing style – Pretend like you’re writing the letter to a friend or family member and then change the name to your prospect or customer.


  • Know the recipient – Its important you have a strong understanding of your target group and your letter is written in a way that shows this
  • Benefits not features – Features can be used but focus should be on the benefits your product or service offer.  What are the recipient’s pressing concerns or what are their goals and what solution do you offer that will help.


  • Easy Action – Make it easy for them to act.  Tell them how easy the next step is  make sure it really is easy.


  • Personalize it -Use every last bit of info you have about the recipient in your letter.  The better you know them the better they will respond.


  • Negative space – Some people are scared off but a hugh block of text.  Break it up into smaller more manageable paragraphs allowing for more white space (negative space).


  • P.S. -Use this at the end of your letter because it’s been proven to work.  All you ever wanted to know about the use of P.S. can be found in this article.


  • Bolding, CAPS, and underlining – Use these but don’t go overboard.  You don’t want to over hype the letter and be perceived as an infomercial salesman.

I believe in the power of the sales letter and if you do too and would like to give it a go then call Direct Mail Impressions today at 561-393-4722 or visit our site at  We can talk specifically about your business and see if a sales letter makes sense for growing your business.

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