Track Your Website Activity and Gain Valuable Customer Insight

Track Your Website Activity and Gain Valuable Customer Insight

Tracking your calls is a must, but another big area that many people forget to track is website activity. If you’re only tracking the numbers of calls you’re receiving you could be missing a huge part of the picture on how customers are reacting to your marketing. Today, more than 80% of the prospects visit your website before calling you. This should have you thinking about your website and how functional of a marketing tool it is. Does your site have the ability to capture visitors’ contact info, like an email? What pages are they going to most and which ones are they not? What links are clicked most frequently? By tracking the visits to your website you can determine how effective your site is at converting leads into customers.

So what tools are available for tracking your important website metrics? The most popular is Google Analytics. This is a powerful tool which can provide all of the information you can imagine about your site. It can be added to any website or web page (ask us how, we can help).

Tracking all of the ways your prospects will respond will give you a complete picture of their actions. Just counting one form of response can lead to an incorrect analysis of your marketing effort. Direct Mail Impressions offers the setup of Google Analytics. Call 561-393-4722 to start receiving important information about how your customers respond.


 to take advantage of our June

 Basic Tracking Package offer which includes phone tracking, as well as mail tracking, for

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We do everything from setting up the number(s), to managing the number(s), and providing the detailed reports to you. This offer is only good until the end of June so ask your CSR to add tracking to your direct mail campaign today by calling 561-393-4722.



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