20 Reasons You Should Get Your Postcard Designed by a Professional Experienced in Direct Mail


A postcard has only seconds to catch the attention of your viewer and entice them enough to read on as opposed to tossing your marketing efforts into the trash bin.  It is important to put your best foot forward and encourage the reader to do more than glance at your postcard.  This is where a well-designed postcard can make the difference.

You may be tempted to create your postcard in-house utilizing one of your employees who took an evening workshop on how to use Photoshop or InDesign.  In your mind you may be thinking, why waste the money and time on outsourcing the design. You know your product or service better than anyone.  You may know your business best, but do you know how to design a mail piece that will drive your recipient to respond?  Do you know the ins and outs of graphic design, printing, and direct mail? Knowing this is crucial in the success of your direct mail piece.

Here are 20 reasons why you should use an experienced direct mail graphic designer for your next postcard

They can clearly realize your vision

They will stick to your brand and be consistent

They will create something that looks professional

They understand the importance of white space

They understand the hierarchy of copy to build interest

They know where to position information to get the best response to your call to action

They understand that 90% of the time less is more.

They know color theory

They know the three font rule

They know the proper image resolution

They know what bleed and trim is, and what is the safe zone on a postcard

They will save you time

They will save you money

They use proper design software.

They are up-to-date with mailing rules and regulations

They understand printing terminology

They create proper files for output

They know how to position elements correctly on direct mail pieces

They understand mail house standards

Graphic Design is their business

If you would like a postcard designed by a professional who understands direct mail marketing give us at call at 561.393.4722 and we will be happy to help.

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