15 Most Common Direct Mail Mistakes

Direct Mail Marketing Mistakes

Not having a good mailing list

The mailing list has the greatest impact on the success or failure of your direct mail campaign. Sending your direct mailer to the correct audience is crucial. If you are sending your mailing to people who are not interested in your product or service you will be frustrated by the results. Take the time to fine tune and clean your mailing list regularly.

Not having an offer or having a weak offer

Why should your customers or prospects respond to your direct mail piece if you have a weak offer or offer something your competitors are offering. You need to give your customers incentive to act or respond to your mailing. Every mailing should offer something your customers or prospects can’t refuse or at least not refuse without some thought first.

Offering too many things in one direct mail piece

Your mailing should be focused. Trying to put too many things in one mailing can be confusing to the viewer. Make it easy for your clients or prospects to act by simplifying the mailing by concentrating on one or two key points.

Not testing your direct mail campaign

Testing your list, offer and creative is a must in the process of a direct mail campaign. Testing your list and offer is probably the most important aspect of testing, however most people tend to concentrate on testing the creative more often than the mailing list and offer.

Lack of tracking

How can you know how well your direct mail campaign is doing or how can you test and get true results if you don’t track your mail piece. There are plenty of automated way to track today that make it easy and unforgettable.

No call to action

This is a basic but so many times it is left out. It is not enough to have just your contact information on the mailing piece. You must also clearly tell your customers and prospects what they should do. Whether it is to give you a call, or go online and use your promo code, you have to tell them the next step to proceed.

Focusing on features

Don’t focus of what your product or service does but what benefit it will give your customer. Your customers really don’t care that your widget has five programmable buttons, what they are concerned about is how those programmable buttons are going to make their lives easier and less complicated. In other words show your customers what’s in it for them.

Poor follow-up to mailing

Marketers say that it takes seven touches or communications between you and your prospects before they will act. Even the best direct mail pieces with the best offers, and the most tested lists will need follow up. Whether it is a phone call or an email, your customers and prospects need to reminded of who you are and your great offer.

Lacking of branding

People need to know who is sending them the mailing piece. If your branding isn’t consistent your customers and prospects may not know who the mail piece is from and you may be marketing for your competitor.

Creating and reviewing direct mail campaign by committee

Everyone wants input on your marketing pieces from the copy, offer and creative however, creating a mail piece by committee waters down the effort. Instead of the piece being about the customer and prospects it becomes about what the members of the committee like or don’t like.

Cluttered direct mail piece

Trying to throw everything and the kitchen sink in one direct piece causes a cluttered unreadable piece that will end up in the trash bin. Limit your large type, star bursts, bold copy, and underlines, to the most important stuff. Trying to make everything stand out in the end makes nothing stand out.

Boring copy

In a direct mail piece the purpose of copy is to persuade the reader to take the next step in the sales process. It should be vivid and alive and engage your customer or prospect.

Bad grammar

Bad grammar is a poor reflection on your company. Take the time to proof your direct mail piece for grammar, typos and misspellings and don’t leave this to the designer who is creating your piece.

Having a poor quality printer

There is nothing worse than spending the time and money on a great direct mail piece only to have it printed poorly. Research and get samples of your printer before you send them the job.

Not planning out your direct mail

Planning is everything and a haphazard not thought out effort will show through in your mail piece. Not only will your results lack but you will waste your hard earned marketing budget.
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