10 Ways to Update Your Website


I come from a print background and I remember when I first began designing for the web. For a lot of designers it was a difficult transition because designing for the web was very limiting. As a designer you were limited by size, resolution, and fonts, just to name a few, and some of my fellow designers just couldn’t make the jump. However, websites have come a long way and the technologies have given designers and companies freedom of creativity and content like they have never had before.

With the technology and dynamic advancements, it is a perfect time to update your site. Below are several suggestions to update and revamp your site for the modern age.


1. Rebuild your website in a CMS

This will allow you to make quick and easy updates without having the need of a web programmer.  Also using a CMS can help with the consistency and cleanliness of your site.

2. Make your website responsive

Responsive website design is a fluid grid layout that allows your site to resize to the device it is being viewed on.

3. Take advantage of larger resolution screen sizes

Give your site some impact by making it large and in charge.  If you incorporate responsive design you can go as large as 1280 pixels.

4. Use web fonts

These days you are not limited to four or five fonts.  Web fonts are bringing the beauty of print design on the web without having to use an image. And with Google fonts the sky is the limit.

5. Incorporate larger font sizes

While taking advantage of the larger resolution screens to make a bigger website, you should also use larger fonts.  Larger font sizes are easier to read and are far more impactful than smaller fonts.

6. Use fixed position navigation

Make it easy for your viewer to navigate through your site by incorporating a fixed position navigation bar. This will allow your viewers to always see your navigation in the same place at all times.

7. Add video

Whether it is a motion graphic or a live action video, videos have been proven to be a powerful tool of visual communication that attracts viewers.  Video doesn’t have to be limited to a small box that has to be clicked on to go full screen; today you can use it as a background on a big banner.

8. Add a blog

Content marketing is a great way to engage, inform and get your prospects and clients returning to your site again and again.

9. Add easy social media sharing

Make it as easy as possible for your prospects and customers to share your stuff.   Add social share buttons to all of the articles and blog posts on your site.

10. Add a welcome gateway form to encourage signups

Want to build your email list quickly and easily, add a welcome gate pop-up to your blog.  You can schedule how many blogs a viewer has to view before they see the pop-up, how long they have to be on the blog before it pops-up and how many days before it pops-up for the same person again.


The above list is but a few of the updates you can do to your site to engage and enhance the viewer experience. If you would like to discuss one of these innovations or another not listed please feel free to contact one of our experts at 561-393-4722 and we will be happy to help.

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