Ten Cost Effective Ways to Promote Your Business


Join the Chamber of Commerce and Other Business Organizations and Be an Active Member Let other businesses know you are in business too, while making helpful alliances that will get you more business. Note that with most professional organizations it is not good enough to just attend the meetings. You may have…

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It happened about a little over a year ago, Facebook changed and made it more difficult for businesses to reach people organically with overly promotional posts. If you want to have your promotional posts seen you are going to have to pay for it from now on. I personally don’t…

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A Look at Paid Online Advertising Part 2


Last week I discussed Google AdWords, how they work and the pro and cons of using them. This week I would like to give you a bit of insight on LinkedIn advertising.   I am a big fan of LinkedIn and what it is accomplishing for networking professionals. I have…

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Ways to start marketing your business online now!


Over the years I have had the opportunity to own my own business, as well as work for others to grow their businesses and let’s face it, marketing can be difficult, time consuming and a“Big Old” money suck.  Time and time again I am confronted with small business owners who…

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5 Reasons Businesses Can’t Go Wrong with Having a Facebook Page

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I am a fan of Facebook.  I have moved around quite a bit in my life.  My mom even claims I am a gypsy at heart because of the amount of places I have lived.  Let’s just say I stopped counting when I hit double digits in less than ten…

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