Personalize Your Marketing for Bigger Results

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Are you still using the marketing model one size fits all? In today’s society of social media, email and the World Wide Web, (When was the last time you heard the internet called that?) people are exposed to ever-greater degrees of advertising and marketing. With this increase people have learned…

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Ten Cost Effective Ways to Promote Your Business


Join the Chamber of Commerce and Other Business Organizations and Be an Active Member Let other businesses know you are in business too, while making helpful alliances that will get you more business. Note that with most professional organizations it is not good enough to just attend the meetings. You may have…

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Why You Should Be Blogging

Why You Should Be Blogging

Blogging can be very beneficial to almost all businesses.  Whether you are small and just starting out or have been around for a while, blogging has great potential. You may be intimidated by blogging because of the amount of effort you will have to put into maintaining a blog but…

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10 Ways to Update Your Website


I come from a print background and I remember when I first began designing for the web. For a lot of designers it was a difficult transition because designing for the web was very limiting. As a designer you were limited by size, resolution, and fonts, just to name a…

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Direct Mail Innovative Marketing Tool for the Modern Age


I don’t know about you but I enjoy going to the mailbox to get the mail.  All too often today everything is digitized and online, and getting a simple piece of mail has become a bit of a relief to me.  I love perusing catalogs, postcards, and coupon packages to…

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Types of Landing Pages

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A landing page is a web page that a viewer lands on. However, when referred to in marketing it is usually a web page separate from your website that is designed for a single solidary purpose. Whether it is to get a viewer to click, learn more, or fill out…

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It happened about a little over a year ago, Facebook changed and made it more difficult for businesses to reach people organically with overly promotional posts. If you want to have your promotional posts seen you are going to have to pay for it from now on. I personally don’t…

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A Look at Paid Online Advertising Part 1


There was a time when if you had a small advertising budget there weren’t many avenues for you. You could run a small ad in a local newspaper or periodical or do a small run direct mail campaign and that was about it. But today with the Internet, online advertising…

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Ways to start marketing your business online now!


Over the years I have had the opportunity to own my own business, as well as work for others to grow their businesses and let’s face it, marketing can be difficult, time consuming and a“Big Old” money suck.  Time and time again I am confronted with small business owners who…

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5 Reasons Businesses Can’t Go Wrong with Having a Facebook Page

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I am a fan of Facebook.  I have moved around quite a bit in my life.  My mom even claims I am a gypsy at heart because of the amount of places I have lived.  Let’s just say I stopped counting when I hit double digits in less than ten…

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