Personalize Your Marketing for Bigger Results

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Are you still using the marketing model one size fits all? In today’s society of social media, email and the World Wide Web, (When was the last time you heard the internet called that?) people are exposed to ever-greater degrees of advertising and marketing. With this increase people have learned…

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The #1 Factor That Turns More Prospects Into Customers Than Anything Else And Nearly All SMALL BUSINESS OWNERS Fail To Work On.


As small business owners we love our business (most days, lol) and feel strongly that our products or services can provide outstanding value to our customers.  The problem is our prospects likely do not know this…yet.  In order to set a prospect on the path of becoming a valuable customer,…

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Ten Cost Effective Ways to Promote Your Business


Join the Chamber of Commerce and Other Business Organizations and Be an Active Member Let other businesses know you are in business too, while making helpful alliances that will get you more business. Note that with most professional organizations it is not good enough to just attend the meetings. You may have…

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No More Excuses, Build an Email List

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The Why Email marketing has been around for quite some time but some small companies still do not take advantage of its benefits. It is one of the cheapest marketing avenues that can be used with some of the greatest return on investment for recurring business. Email marketing allows you…

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Fun Design Trends for 2016


I remember back several years ago when I first encountered the flat, long, scrolling websites. I was introduced to them while surfing innovative design and marketing websites. And I ate them up. I loved the large hero banners and the lack of shadows, textures and stylized buttons. I was also…

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How to Create the Perfect Business Holiday Card

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‘Tis the season to show goodwill and appreciation to the ones we love and care about as well as the less fortunate. This should also be the time to thank all of your customers and clients for doing business with you throughout the year. A holiday greeting card is the…

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Why Businesses Should Send Out Greeting Cards This Holiday Season

Why Businesses Should Send Out Greeting Cards This Holiday Season Image

During the holiday season it is a good time to recognize and say thank you to your loyal customers. It may seem like a little thing but it can go a long way in customer service and life long loyalty. Add a coupon or offer a discount and your little…

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4 Direct Mail Pieces that Get Opened and Read

4 ways to get your mailing open

I love getting interesting things in the mail, who doesn’t. I am attracted to the bright and shiny, bold colors and unusual shapes and sizes that grace the mailbox on a daily basis. I can’t help myself from taking a closer look at an oversized, well-designed postcard or a shiny…

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Developing a Brand Promise

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Have you ever wondered what exactly is a brand promise?  Basically it is the essence and tone of your company.  A brand promise is something that a company promises to the people who it does business with or comes in contact with. Companies that deliver on their brand promises create…

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Three Things You Should Try With Your Email Campaign Now

Three Things You Should Try With Your Email Campaign Now

You have a bunch of emails acquired by different means throughout your company’s lifetime.  Some were given over the phone by simply asking for contact information, some from signing up on a physical form during a trade show or a networking event and others from past offers you have well,…

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